Fifty50 클래식(Classic) 밸런스(Balance) 프레임(Frames) w/ 주스 블럭(Juice Blocks) GREEN/WHITE // AM, AMall Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

Back by popular demand, 5050 is proud to re-release their Classic balance frame design in all new green and white color scheme.  The classic balance frame with the famous 5050 juice blocks was still sought after by aggressive rollers around the world that 5050 finally listened and had more produced for everyone to enjoy.  The black frames with white highlights will look great on most skates.

  • Average weight: 12 oz.

  • M = skate sizes 5-8 (length = 10 3/4 in.)

  • L = skate sizes 9-14 (length = 11 3/8 in.)

  • Juice Blocks

  • Sold in a pair

  • Includes frame hardware

  • Max recommended outer wheel size is 58mm