살로몬(Salomon) ST Pro 1 커스텀(Custom) // 와이드바디(Widebody) 소울플레이트(SoulPlate), 어그레시브 인라인 Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

they ain't carbon souls...

also, they have custom carry straps.
I love them.

oh, yeah, I forgot, I have removed the stock soul from underneath the widebodies. this gives a lot better feel on souls and royals.

Posted by: domi

와이드바디 아래쪽의 솔판을 잘라내고 쉘 바닥에 와이드바디를 직접 결합!

와이드바디 옆면은 적당히 가공!

아래는 USD 카본(Carbon) 솔판으로 커스텀한 셋업

here are my 10-10.5 shell Salomons with size medium souls, they fit really snug in the backslide area
I also had some size 9-9.5 shells laying around and medium souls seemed just perfect for them

some more pics to give you the idea, I used an angle grinder with mine, seems that it would take much longer with a dremel

10-10.5 (US?) 살로몬 하드쉘에 USD 카본 솔판 미디움 사이즈는 꽉 낀다고...

9-9.5 (US?) 살로몬 쉘에는 미디움 솔판이 딱 맞는다고...

Posted by: s.


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