커스텀(Custom) USD 카본(carbon) 쉘(shell), Sifika skin, Valo soul, 9-10 // 살로몬(Salomon) 커프(Cuff) Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

This is a full carbon shelled custom skate with a plastic cuff, and a leather skin.

The shell is from the USD (Deshi) carbon skate, mod'ed to remove pressure points, with good fitting Salomon cuffs and buckle. The skin is a Sifika hightop trimmed and stretched over and secured to the shell. This is all finished off with a mod'ed Valo soul kit.

The carbon shell is sized 10 so fits really well with the thin Salomon liner. But it would fit a 9.

This was a Sunday project inspired by the versatility on the carbon shell. It finished really well and I think it looks very nice. I've skated them a few times and they skate really well, similar to the Deshi skate. I can't really give any guarantees for build quality, but the construction is pretty simple, ie a hightop stretched over the shell, so if anything does come apart it will be very easy to fix. Also the Valo souls sandwich the skin tightly against the shell so it shouldn't slip.

They also come with spare Valo soul inserts in black, mod'ed to fit.

Posted by : eg0u3067

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