데쉬(Deshi) DK3 루이 자모라(Louie Zamora), DK 2, 킥스(Kicks) 1 Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

DK 3 Louie Zamora

DK 2

Deshi Skates:

Deshi skates are one of the newest brands of skate to come out on the market, and revolve around the idea of building your dream set-up from your boot only. Thought up by Louie Zamora (whose pro model skate is seen above) and Randy Spizer, the Deshi pro team also includes Colin Kelso and Ian McLeod (whose pro model is seen at the bottom with his pro Kizer frame)

Deshi are one of the lightest skates on the market but that is not helped by the fact that the soleplates weigh about ten stone each (slight exaggeration here). In fact, there has been such a demand for USD sole kits on Deshis that they decided to release them in the form of the DKII.

With these sole kits on they weigh literally half the weight of the K2 Eric Schrinns skates

The only weak point of these skates (in my opinion) is the Velcro straps. In time, these become worn and many a time I have had to stop a run because my straps have come undone.

The new Deshi DKII also has a toe pad to stop impact on the toe (unlike the old Deshi DKI, whose sole kit covered the toe).

To sum up:
- If you like a VERY light skate, you should seriously consider skating Deshi.
- If you like to build your skate from the boot up, then you should also seriously consider skating Deshi.
- DO NOT buy Deshi if you hate Velcro straps.
- If you like good, durable skates at fair prices definitely give Deshi a look.

Thanks to Harry Pope for this review.

Kicks I