레이저(Razors) 1998~2004 // 어그레시브 인라인 스케이트 Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

임팩트(Impact) 300 (1998)

플랫(Flat) (1998)

Cream (2000)

Razors Superflat
Release Date: December 2000

Cream 2 (?)

Cult Esco Zoo

엘리엇(Elliot) (2001)

소울(Soul) 2K (?)

Razors Shima 1
Release Date: March 2001

Razors Shima 2
Release Date: August 2001

존 엘리엇(Jon Elliott) 2 (2002)

소울(Soul) 3K (2002)

구형 모델 설명은 아래에...

레이저(Razors) 존 엘리엇(Jon Elliott), 소울(Soul) 3K, 2K, 크림(Cream), 플랫(Flat), 임팩트(Impact) 300

Razors Lievanos 2
Release Date: June 2002

Cult 1

Cult 2

Cult 3 (2003)

Razors Murda
Release Date: November 2002

Genesys 1

Genesys 2

Razors Shima 4
Release Date: April 2003

Benny Harmanus

Razors Dre Powell
Release Date: June 2004

Razors Stockwell
Release Date: September 2004

Razors Murda 2
Release Date: November 2004

Razor Murda II

Murda demand two things in life: Performance and style.

With this in mind he designed his new pro skate - The Murda 2: In order to maintain total control in technical tricks he left the original boot shell underneath the skin unchanged which provides full ankle support and perfect flex.

He added an all new JUG liner designed to fully utilize all the room inside the boot shell allowing skaters that are in between sizes to choose with the smaller size. A neoprene toe cap inside the liner effectively absorbs shocks and provides protection for your toes. He designed a new boot shell for size US10 & 10.5 to make you look good if you happen to have that foot size.

His new pro frame, the Murda Bullet Frame was added. This frame is ideal for any frame tricks and sess slides, will never stick and significantly improve grinding on any obstacle or surface. The 2 mm lower profile and closer to boot groove makes it easier to lock on and gives you more control in frame tricks and manoeuvres.

  •  NEW Soft boot with hard boot support
  •  NEW Jug Murda liner
  •  NEW size 10/10.5 boot shell
  •  NEW GC Murda Bullet Frame
  •  NEW Genre Murda wheels
  •  XL backslide plate
  •  Replaceable, super fast soul frame
  •  ABEC 5 bearings