Revival - Vidcast 36 - South Florida Goofytage Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

Revival - Vidcast 36 - South Florida Goofytage

This past year, Geoff Levy was supposed to release a video that finally exposes the hidden talent and potential of the South Florida area. Unfortunately, he was unable to do so due to being really busy in the college selection process for film. Here is one of the montages he intended to use for the video. Featuring skating from South and Central Florida as well as the DC area. Skaters (in order of appearance): Dustin Spengler, Brian Arnold, Blake Kelly, Jon Fromm, Cody Porche, Brian “Cheeto” Kreeble, Chris Moraco, Willie Trebach, Jay Greendyke, Derek Pricinsky, Matt Johnson, Justo Garcia, Chris Smith.