BCSD 2008 Brotherly Love Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

BCSD 2008 Brotherly Love

Franco Cammayo
Colin Kelso
Montre Livingston
Jeremy Spira
Adam Caroselli
JC Rowe
Erik Stokley
Sean Kelso
Robert Lievanos
Jon Jon Bolino
Chris Haffey
Jeff Stockwell
Alex Broskow

Before splitting his shin wide open, Michael Braud was lacing with his trademark reckless abandon.

Here he gets high with a wallride.

The always-polite Ross Kuhn busting Top Acid to Fakie.

Kingpin Chris Haffey with a lofty 540 transfer over the grind box.

첨부파일 #1


His 540 from the vert extension into the bank won him Best Trick, but this quarter to bank 720 is signature Morales.

첨부파일 #2


Not only did Jon Jon Bolino volunteer to tag the park with ONE stickers before the comp (thanks man!), but he killed the park all day with progressive tricks like this Cross Grab 360 to Soul.

첨부파일 #3


Colin Kelso showing us what style is all about with a Zero Makio to Darkside Fishbrain down the grind box. Too fresh.