카이저(Kizer) 프레임(Frame) 모음 - 플루이드(Fluid), 타입(Type) M, 서스펜션(Suspension) Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

플루이드(Fluid) Frames

The fluid 2 frame is an enhanced version of the previous model, with a wider, deeper angled groove, thick grind walls and is also compatible with kizer grind pins. This is the choice frame for most flat and anti-rocker set up skaters. Light, strong and fast sliding construction.

Fluid Jojo Jacobi (Winterclash Edition)

Fluid Team '08

Fluid Team '09

타입(Type) M Frames

The type M frame is a strong smooth sliding freestyle frame. Allthough ideal for wide, fat or square objects, due to its shape it also makes it a perfect frame for even the thinnest shaped obstacles, as it pushes the object to its centre. For enhanced lock-on and longer sliding grinds, this is the frame for you.

"The freestyle frames are the best because the grinds are just don't have to worry about anything, it makes everything easier for you, with the best groove and the fastest grinds...." -Carlos Pianowski

Type M Team UHMW '08

Type M Team Fluid '08

Type M Team Fluid '09

Carlos Type M Frame

Shock Frames

This frame takes the best features of the Type M frame and adds suspension for a smoother ride, more impulse on ramps and takes some of the pressure off your heels. Red suspension is the harder material for the back arm, yellow for the front. A perfect angled groove and smooth fluid material complete this frame.

Suspension Team '08

Suspension Team '09

Suspension Demetrios