저그(JUG) Big J (Velcro) 라이너(Liner) black // 빅제이 Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

JUG Big J (Velcro) Liner black

Jug´s Big J liner is based on the popular neoprene liner. A new neoprene brace with Velcro closures wraps around the foot like a glove and provides unmatched fit and comfort. The liner incoporates a 2-layer design, with a rigid outer layer providing support and eliminating any pressure point from the cuff or boot. Memory foam pads in the front and side area effectively protect your toes and feet grom getting hurt. An ergonomically designed insole features a reinforced arch area for long lasting support and comfort. NEW ventilation system NEW memory toe and side pads NEW Velcro neoprene gasket closure NEW Anti-slip sole and heel pad NEW Super light weight design NEW flex band and tongue narrow last to fit all skates Speed lacing system Full boot size utiliziation through "ultra thin" heel area Stash pocket

빅장을 받아라. 강약 중강약!


  • faaeee 2008/12/13 02:30 #

    이너에 끈(발등부분)을 넣으려면 저렇게 끈구멍 처리가 아닌
    얇은 벤드 형식으로 해야 발등이 눌리지 않는다는걸 아는 저그의 센스
  • 코코마 2008/12/13 03:10 #

    저거(웨이빙끈)는 마찰에 약해서 금방 끊어지더만~

    난 저거 싫음. ㅎㅎ
  • faaeee 2008/12/13 02:30 #

    근데 일부 발좁은 쉘은 (램즈) 발등의 끈 자체가 눌려서 발이 욱씬욱씬
  • 코코마 2008/12/13 03:11 #

    ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 다음 주가 기대되는구나!
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