데쉬(DESHI) CH 1 비니 민튼(Vinny Minton) *BootOnly* Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

DESHI CH 1 Vinny Minton *BootOnly*

The CH1 includes carbon elements in its structure and high quality, strong real leather/suede outer materials making it exceedingly durable with a metal mesh finish. The new sneaker type toe and Sifika liner makes the skate look stylish and keeps your feet comfortable, allowing you a great width of space for all types of feet while continuing to keep the skate light. It really doesn't get much better than this skate. The new soulframe is much lighter and thinner than all other DESHI soulframes before, so the broad look of the skate is gone. The skate now features a brand NEW high impact SIFKA anti-shock pad, and continues to be compatible with most soulplates on the market. This means should you not like the enormously popular stock soulplate, you can change around soulplates and find your perfect setup, plus you will never be bored! Try your favourite soul kits, including USD, Xsjado, Remz, Rollerblade and more

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