시피카(Sifika) 시카고(Chicago) 라이너(Liner) // 이너부츠, AM, AMall Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

Reppin' Chi Town comes the new Sifika Chicago liner that features a new clean look, an improved tongue with an elastic strap and a no lace design to keep things simple and good fitting.

  • Sold as a pair

  • Pre-Shaped padded tongue

  • Elastic tongue strap

  • Shock absorbing neoprene/gel toe protection

  • Anti-slip outsole

  • Ventilated mesh and foam upper

  • Anti-lift anatomical ankle padding

  • Durable tpu heel cup for support

  • Padded Insoul

  • Anti-lift velcro heel system

  • Average weight per liner: 8 oz.

바닥이 평평하게 되어 있어서 클드론에 넣으면 격하게 솟아오르는 듯??



  • faaeee 2008/12/05 21:54 #

    너무 높다!!!!!! 게다가 얇기까지 하니까 무슨 기린 목 깁스도 아니고!!!
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