롤러블레이드(Rollerblade) TRS 포인트(Point) 8 // 라이너(Liner), AM, RW Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

Rollerblade TRS Point 8 skate

Rollerblade's brand new Point 8 aggressive skate is on top of the innovation game this year. This is the first ever UFS frame meant for aggressive skating that incorporates the use of such a large outer wheel and this could very well may change the way UFS frames and skates are made. The frame is specially designed to tuck the outer wheels up into the boot to ensure that you still get a low profile/ low center of gravity ride, but all the benefits of a big wheel, and by big we mean BIG. These are a full 12mm bigger than any other wheel out there! What you get with a bigger wheel is a smoother and much faster ride. If that isn't your style Rollerblade has covered in more ways than 1...They got you covered in 4.

With the Rollerblade Point 8 skate you can choose 4 set ups right out of the box. (all parts included)

Your first option (stock) is the 72mm wheels on the out side rockered up with Rollerblade's new Nylon anti-rockers in the middle. This very well could change the way we see and skate frames today.

Your 2nd option is a flat set up utilizing the the 72mm wheels on the outside, with a 56mm on the inside for the absolute fastest lowest profile ride ever created. This would be your ideal park set up.

Option number 3 is a flat set up with all 8 standard 56mm wheels. Just rocker the outer wheel's down and you got yourself a standard flat set up, suitable for just about everything.

Last but not least, you can get down to basics with your standard anti-rocker set up with 56mm Rollerblade wheels on the outside and the 40mm nylon anti's in the middle. Ideal for your standard street set up.

Attached to this high-tech frame you have the TRS point 8 boot attached to it, which is your standard TRS boot that features a mostly gray skate with navy highlights a full lace up soft cover with a removable Rollerblade TRS cuff and buckle. The point 8 also features a specialized liner with built in shock absorbers, and is density padded for comfort. All wheels come loaded with ABEC 7 bearings.

  • Replaceable TRS skins.

  • 2007 style grind inserts & midsouls.

  • New Point 8 TRS frames.

  • 72mm Rollerblade outer wheels for ultra smooth riding and the fastest riding flat set or anti-rocker set up you've ever ridden.

  • 40mm nylon anti-rocker wheels

  • 8 spare Rollerblade 56mm wheels. (for optional flat set up in conjunction w or w/o the 72mm wheels.)

  • 8 spare ABEC 7 bearings

  • ABEC 7 bearings.

  • New & improved shell for a better mix of flexibility and stability; reshaped for improved comfort and support; increased buckle protection on cuff, midsole groove extended for performance.

  • Frame made of Derlrin?and Kevlar?allows for four set-ups in one right out of the box.

  • Available in sizes 7--12.5 (including half sizes)

TRS Point 8

New skate from rollerblade.
the new 4 in 1 frame can hold 72mm wheels!!!!!

Rollerblade Point 8 Liners

Rollerblade Point 8 Skates

David gives you an inside look at the Rollerblade Point 8 Skates, featuring the 72mm Rollerblade wheels. Be sure to pick these up for only $139