레이저(Razors) 컬트(Cult) 7 // 어그레시브 인라인, 어글 Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

Tested by pros for years the Cult is the perfect skate for beginners and intermediate skaters. It features a replaceable soul frame, a comfortable liner with excellent heel support and fiberglass reinforced Nylon anti-rocker wheels. The backslide plate is replaceable and comes with a perfectly positioned groove for immediate out-of-the-box use. It protects the boot and is inexpensive to replace when worn out.

  • Each skate weighs 4.0 pounds on average

  • Replaceable Elliott backslide plate

  • Razors UFS frame

  • ABEC 3 bearings

  • 56mm/90A wheels

  • GC 42 mm anti-rocker wheels

실제로 보면 좀 나으려나;;;;;;;;;;

Razor Cult 7

New skate out features the Jordan 4 sneaker like toungue.
cool colour way.

Razor Cult 7 Liner

A basic style liner from the Razor Cult 7 skates to replace your old, worn out, super smelly, gross liners! If you prefer a simpler designed liner with out all the extra bells and whistles, then these Cult 7 liners might work just for you, especially for their great price. The all black color of the these Razor liners will help to keep them cleaner looking while the simple design won't leave you lacing and strapping up your skates forever. Lastly, these liners are extremely lightweight with an approximate weight of 8 oz per liner!

  • Average weight of single liner: 8 oz (Based on a size 9)
  • Sold as a Pair