Forgotten PIC POST feat. ELIAS, JUUL, SCHMIDT, WOJDA, SHUDA 1/3 Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

These are pictures from back in June when Jacob Juul come over for awhile and skated/chilled in philly with everyone. Now i work with this old man who tends to forget to upload and post the finally he got them over to me and i’m doing it.. hope you enjoy eventhough they are early summer..MIKE ELIAS PICS…JIMMY SHUDA…SCHMIDT, SHAW, SCHRIJN, JUUL…it was a dope session in 100degree weather i know that much…

OldHead finishin up GENRE 2 filming

마이크 일라이어스(Mike Elias) Tru porn

Mike Elias Tru porn

제이콥 줄(? 야콥 율?) (Jacob Juul) cab ao porn

cab soyale

cab tru porn

Rickayyy filming with his eyes closed like always…

슈미츠(Schmidts) ao unity

fresh Denial Tattoo