발로(Valo) NEWS 9.25.08 Posted By Valobrand Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

ADVERT BLITZ! Here's a few print adverts that were printed this month..

Oli Short TV.2 ADVERT in Kingdom Magazine

Julio and Brandon Smith advert in the latest ONE MAGAZINE

2nd times the charm..We had an error in the latest BE-MAG advert..we wrote Soichiros name twice..
but here is the correct version..and errr. the incorrect version..We Are Valo 2.5 also featuring John Stevenson.


  • faaeee 2008/09/26 23:00 #

    으헝허렁헝헝 ..

    발로의 블랙&화이트 셋업은 oli ㅤㅎㅛㅇ이 다 먹을듯
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