데쉬(Deshi) CH1 비니 민튼(Vinny Minton) Boot // AM, AMall Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

The latest and Greatest Red Deshi.....The one and only Vinny Minton Pro Deshi

The Deshi CH1 (carbon hybrid #1) is Deshi's latest and greatest development in soft boot skates. This next generation Deshi boot features a carbon fiber reinforced inner structure that is supposed remedy to known durability issues on past models. The CH1 also features a brand new one-piece low profile soul plates that is less bulky and made of a faster and more durable nylon material.

  • NEW Red Boot

  • Sifika 310 thin liners

  • Carbon reinforced structure for durability

  • New and improved one piece soul plate

  • Weighs Approx. 3lbs with no frames

  • Made in China.


  • faaeee 2008/11/19 09:11 #

    carbon hybrid 라는 설명에 주목

    카본을 쓰긴ㅤㅆㅓㅅ는데 하이브리드라는 명명하에 찔끔 아주 찔끔 다른 재질과 섞었다는 그마알!?
  • 코코마 2008/11/19 09:14 #

    카본 맛 플라스틱!!

    카본 향 첨가 플라스틱!!!

    주의: 뽑기 운이 없으면 카본이 안 묻어있을 수 있습니다?
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