USD 도미닉 사고나(Dominic Sagona) UFS 드론(Throne) + 카이저(Kizer) 슬림라인(Slimline) review // 어그레시브 인라인 Review / 사용기 & 인터뷰

UFS Throne Dominic Sagona review:

Tosoul - steep square drop Munich

Ive been skating the Sagona for 3 days now and im totally in love!

The first thing that comes to my mind is the liner, best liner ive skated since salomon times.
The top is a kind of neoprene wrap that due to its high tech velcro strap is super easy to put on. I guess I dont have to mention that its highly comfortable. In my eyes the liner is perfect, to tighten it there is a “fast tightening strap” which is way better than tightening a liner with laces.

Dominic Sagona Slimline setup - pic AMF

The liner is thin which gives you loads of control – but theres enough padding at the right places to make it extremely comfortable and give you the heel support you need.
I dont know if the liner moves in the cuff cause I always attach my liner to the boot with double sided scotch tape. If your liner lifts a bit try that, you could end up with a lot more control.

Sagona Slimline Setup 2 - pic AMF

I dont like the looks of the “leather lace thing” – actually thats not true – I dont like the fact that there are too many laces, there are the original laces, the laces of the “leather thing” and the quick lacing thing of the liner. For my taste thats too much – I dont like the looks of laces dangling around…

It should be possible to skate the skate with only one pair of laces. Probably the “top” pair in the leather cover but ill remove the leather cover (sooner or later) cause I prefer the original UFS Throne look.

Contrary to common rumors the skate is not white and just painted with gold color – not at all!
This shit is true golden! With a “real” 100 karat diamond attached to the rubber patch on the back of the cuff. Its definitely an eye catcher!

The skate comes with the improved buckle and the best receptor usd ever had. Till now it didnt once open accidentally.

Of course the Sagona also has a V-cut cuff but this amazing skate comes also with a V-Cut liner.That gives you more flexibility and enables you to move more naturally.
With the included Sifika shock absorber you’ll be able to eat huge gaps for breakfast – means it does a good job.

The skate comes with the Dominic Sagona Fluid frame and his Undercover wheels – As the frame is a fluid and everybody knows how amazingly good fluids are I didn’t test it but instead of decided to skate the latest prototype of the Kizer Slimline frame.

zerospin topporn Munich - pic Hofer

Ive skated the predecessor and the changes made by Kizer are just perfect, the new axle system works with just one Allen key. They made the sidewalls bigger so the frame lasts longer. As the groove is bigger than something that is really big its extremely easy to skate flat rocker aka 4 wheels down. Seems like ive been praising flat setups for ages but its just so much better than skating grindwheels or even freestyle. Wheels last a million times longer, its possible to skate rails that others cant even look at due to cobble stones, cracks or other “shit” in the approach/landing.

bitter cold rocket makio - pic Hofer

A perfect example is the handicap rail from my pictures – it looks like a perfect rail but the approach is so fucked up that we skated it only 2 times before. Now I can skate it without board easily…

Sweaty Augsburg - pic AMF

The frame has 2 possible rockering positions – up and down – but as I prefer to skate big wheels rockering them down is not possible for me…
Enough about the pros of skating flat – by the way skating flat makes you faster and more agile and by this it might improve your style…

Fish square drop Munich - pic Hofer

The Complete Sagona Skate, with the Sagona frame and wheels will cost 269,95€ @ and probably every other skateshop. The scheduled delivery date @ GH is the 28.11.2008.

Mistral Augsburg - pic AMF

Im really satisfied with this skate, even decided to get my boot in size 43 though I skated 42 for ages. Ive only been able to skate 42 cause I skated the thinest possible liner – the sagona liner made me change my mind… One last thing concerning the liner, as its Doms skate its got a “secret ” stash pocket in the tongue. Should be quiet usefull.

This skate is definitely worth a try! SAGONA THRONES ROCK!

Topsoul high flatrail ao soul transfer 360 off - Pic Hofer

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