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카이저(Kizer) 서스펜션(Suspension) 프리스타일(Freestyle) 프레임(Frame)

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USD 레거시(Legacy) 드미트리오스 조지(Demetrios George)

USD legacy Demetrios George now available worldwide!Including the Sifika Monowrap liner, kizer suspension frames, sifika shockabsorber, kizer bearigns and Uc prowheels.Best looking legacy skate to d...

USD 레거시(Legacy) 베놈(Venom) 08

카이저(Kizer) 프레임(Frame) 모음 - 플루이드(Fluid), 타입(Type) M, 서스펜션(Suspension)

플루이드(Fluid) FramesThe fluid 2 frame is an enhanced version of the previous model, with a wider, deeper angled groove, thick grind walls and is also compatible with kizer grind pins. This is the choi...

USD - 레거시(Legacy) 라차드 존슨(Rachard Johnson) 1, 2

Legacy Rachard Johnson 1KIZER Suspension SchieneABEC 5 Lagernhochwertigen und bequemen Innenschuhen + GelsohleShokabsorbern너의 최후는 이미 보았다! 이 망한 스케시야! ㅋㅋㅋ

USD - 베놈(Venom) 레거시(Legacy) Model

Features :-NEW Boot Design - 8 years in the makingLightweight - the lightest boot on the market to present dateHeight Adjustable Cuff made from Aircraft Forged AluminumMicro Adjustable Royale Plate ...

USD 베놈(Venom) 레거시(Legacy) Model

Venom Legacy ModelFeatures:PU leather, nubuck and kevlar reinforcementsSifika SL 310 edt. 2 including shock innersoleUndercover Team 57mm / 90A WheelsKizer Shock Team FrameKizer ABEC 7 Chromesteel b...

USD 클래식 드론(Classic Throne) 올스타(Allstar)

Allstar Classic Model Throne"Over my 12 years in the game I have skated nearly every single skate on the market and the Classic USD Throne has proven to be my favourite. The Classic combines all of ...

파워슬라이드(Powerslide) 신제품 2/2

드미트리오스 조지(Demetrios George) 서스펜션(Suspension) 프레임(Frame) // 드미트리오스 죠지, 카이저(Kizer)