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USD 세븐(VII; Seven) 화이트(WHITE) // 어그레시브 인라인

Check the edit and review by our contest winner Tom McClelland:USD Italy rider Jason Adriani on his first day with the VII White:

USD 세븐(Seven; VII) White, Black, Gray // 어그레시브 인라인

USD VII(Seven) WhiteUSD VII(Seven) GrayUSD VII(Seven) Black

USD 세븐(Seven; VII) 로버트 리바노스(Robert Lievanos), 카를로스 피아노스키(Carlos Pianowski) // 어그레시브 인라인

USD VII Robert LievanosUSD VII Carlos Pianowski

USD 세븐(VII) Review 2/2 // Seven, 어그레시브 인라인

pretty difficult to photograph this, so its edited a bit to try and helpQ> if i didnt hate USD i might buy themim growing out of skating and i cba to buy top models anymore so this might be a goo...

USD 세븐(VII) Review 1/2 // Seven

Ok, so, I received these skates just 3 days after they were promised to be sent by the Conference. First impressions were of shock as I wasn’t expecting anything too special from this low priced ska...

변방의 스케이트, USD 세븐(Seven; VII), 그리콘(Grycon), 렐름(Realm) 소울 플레이트(Soulplate)

USD Seven SoulframesSizes:Small: 38 (EU) / 5 (UK) / 5 (US) - 40 (EU) / 6.5 (UK) / 7 (US) // 230-250 mmMedium: 41 (EU) / 7 (UK) / 8 (US) - 42 (EU) / 8 (UK) / 9 (US) // 260-270 mmLarge: 43 (EU) / 9 (U...

New 피아노브스키(Pianowski) 셋업(setup) // 카를로스 피아노스키(Carlos Pianowski), USD 세븐(Seven; VII), 어그레시브 인라인

USD VII white with sifika Sl 515 Pia liner, Vcut cuff, kizer type-M team frame and Chimera Colin Kelso wheels. Nice setup! Pianowski Anniversary Skate EditCarlos Pianowski just sent this edit around...

USD - 세븐(VII) 피아노스키(PIANOWSKI) PRO AGGRESSIVE SKATE // Seven, 카를로스 피아노스키, 어그레시브 인라인

USD GRYCON SOUL!Sifika LinersUndercover WheelsShock AbsorberUFS Grycon ShellsKizer TYPE M Frames라이너 쵸낸 탐난다 -_-+신형 리셉터는 이때부터 있던 건가!근데 리셉터가 프로텍터 밖으로 나와있네. -_-;;;;디자이너들끼리 손발이 안맞는건지...


Usd-VII AGGRESSIVE SKATE GREYmodel: Sevenliner: Sifika SL415 Evosouplate: Sevenframe: Kizer Blangwheels: Undercover Team 55mm/90abearings: Abec 5사진이 있어보이게 잘 나온 듯 -.-

USD 렐름(Realm) white skate + VII 소울플레이트(Soulplate) 커스텀(Custom)

USD Realm white skate, dyed light blue, Psirus liner dyed purple, deshi buckle dyed purple, USD laces dark blue and light blue, Sifika shock absorber, USD VII soulplate without back wing, Kizer elem...
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