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돈 뱀브릭(Don Bambrick) // 돈 밤브릭, Six Won Six, 살로몬(Salomon), 어그레시브 인라인

swstour_circa2004Here is a nice surprise for everyone. Going through some old tapes I found a bunch of unused clips of Jeff and Don on a Six Won Six Tour through Savannah, Georgia and on into Florid...

렘즈(Remz) 프랭키 모랄레스(Franky Morales) // OS, 저그(Jug)

사용기는 아래에...[번역] 렘즈(Remz) 프랭키 모랄레스(Franky Morales) Review

베어링(Bearing) // Hedonskate, Grindhouse

이건 휠;;;Them Goods - Pro Series Broskow 608Eight Them Goods - Pro Series Broskow 608 bearings in set.Undercover - Royal Abec 7 608Eight Undercover - Royal Abec 7 608 bearings in set. Vicious - Abec 7...

레이저(Razors) 제네시스(Genesys) 머다(Murda) 3 // 마이크 존슨(Mike Johnson), 저그(Jug) 네오프렌(Neoprene)

Jeph howard m3 editRazors Murda 3Release Date: June 2007The Murda 3 is the premiere of 2 of the hottest new products in the rolling industry: The new Jug Neoprene liner and Ground Control's newly de...

렘즈(Remz) 0602 // 06 투(Two)

Remz 06 TWO aggressive skates now in stock! ::: REMZ 06 two 'team' official release From its start in 1998, bringing early fresh softboot blueprints and innovative ideas such as the freedom-of-feet ...

콜린 켈소(Colin Kelso) // 데일리브레드(DailyBread), 데쉬(Deshi) DK CK2

콜린 켈소 인터뷰는 아래에...[번역] 콜린 켈소(Colin Kelso) 1/2[번역] 콜린 켈소(Colin Kelso) 2/2

이앤 맥클로드(Iain McLeod)

맥클로드 인터뷰는 아래에...[번역] In the Know 이앤 맥클로드(Iain McLeod)

데일리 브레드(Daily Bread) - 존 훌리오(Jon Julio) // Crazy Roller

Throwback for AB: 2001 Daily Bread RetrospectiveHard to believe this was 11 years ago.Crazy Roller Magazine CoverIssue 31 February 2000*

로버트 게레로(Robert Guerrero) // 랍(Rob) G, RG

Rob G 소개글은 아래에...[번역] A Profile on 랍 게레로(Rob Guerrero) by J. Howard


라이언의 소개글은 아래에...[번역] 라이언 노스웨이(RYAN NORTHWAY) SESSION
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