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카를로스 피아노브스키(Carlos Pianowski) Pro 시피카(sifika) liner // 피아노스키

Carlos Pianowski Pro sifika linerVery nice liner with good comfort! Special Pro model from Carlos Pianowski.. this liner also comes in his Pro skate from USD!예쁘다~ +_+

New 피아노브스키(Pianowski) 셋업(setup) // 카를로스 피아노스키(Carlos Pianowski), USD 세븐(Seven; VII), 어그레시브 인라인

USD VII white with sifika Sl 515 Pia liner, Vcut cuff, kizer type-M team frame and Chimera Colin Kelso wheels. Nice setup! Pianowski Anniversary Skate EditCarlos Pianowski just sent this edit around...

USD 카를로스 피아노브스키(Carlos Pianowski) 프로모델 레거시(Legacy)

Carlos Pianowski Pro Model LegacyNew backslide plate, perfect for h-block moves. New lighter soulplates. New interior fit and last. Less parts. Fast sliding and comfortable, Adjustable soulplates. T...