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시피카(Sifika) SL 415 라이너(Liner) 프로토타입(Prototype)

USD 클래식 드론(Classic Throne) 아론 파인버그(Aaron Feinberg) 3 // 시피카(Sifika), 카이저(Kizer) 서스펜션(Suspension)

USD Classic Throne Aaron Feinberg 3Sifika SL 415 LinersUSD Classic Throne Aaron Feinberg 2 (2005 ?)

시피카(SIFIKA) 에보(EVO) 415 SL 라이너(Liner)

SIFIKA EVO 415 SLHigh Quality Sifika Liner with a lot of features! * 3D ankle padding inside, full neopren sock liner inside * shock innersole * Neopren toe cap * walking sole * Neopren pocket on bo...


Usd-VII AGGRESSIVE SKATE GREYmodel: Sevenliner: Sifika SL415 Evosouplate: Sevenframe: Kizer Blangwheels: Undercover Team 55mm/90abearings: Abec 5사진이 있어보이게 잘 나온 듯 -.-

시피카(Sifika) - SL 415 - 블랙(Black)

New Liner from Sifika features:- Innersock tongue & pull tab- Outer pre-shaped padded tongue with stash pocket- Elastic Tongue straps- Shock Absorbing neoprene/gel toe protection- Anti-slip outs...

시피카(Sifika) - SL 415 - 에보(Evo) 2 2007

After big success of Sifika SL 310 liner which is now the indispensible part of Deshi skates, it`s time for new series of Sifika SL 415.The first Sifika SL 415 liner was used in USD Pro model skates...

USD UFS 드론(Throne) 에보(EVO) 07 Skate

USD EVO 07 SkateFeaturesWhite BootBrown CuffsBrown 2-Piece SoulsKizer M-Type framesUndercover wheelsAbec 7 bearingsSifika SL-415 liners