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USD 클래식 드론(Classic Throne) 존 훌리오(Jon Julio) // 클드론, 50/50, 어그레시브 인라인

클드론 쉘의 발볼 인증은 아래에...USD 드론(Throne)은 칼발용 스케이트인가? 아닌가? // 클래식 드론(Classic Throne)

Fifty50 클래식(Classic) 밸런스(Balance) 프레임(Frames) w/ 주스 블럭(Juice Blocks) GREEN/WHITE // AM, AMall

Back by popular demand, 5050 is proud to re-release their Classic balance frame design in all new green and white color scheme.  The classic balance frame with the famous 5050 juice blocks was ...

FIRST SAMPLES OF 09' FRAMES- // 50/50, Fifty/50, Fifty-50

Our ditributer from China just sent us over some images of the first sample of frames, unfortunently we do not have the JC Rowe sample yet but hope to next week.Some things will change but for the m...

50/50 루이 자모라(Louie Zamora) UFS 프레임, 쥬스 블럭(Juice Blocks) // Fifty-50, 주스 블럭

사용기는 아래에...

롤러블레이드(Rollerblade) 포인트(Point) 8 커스텀(Custom) skate

Rollerblade Point 8 custom skate shown with Fifty/50's new gray core 8 frame & 8 Chimera Guyont pro wheels.이너 손잡이에 붙어있는 투명 태그에 뭐라고 써있는 거지... -.-a

라차드 존슨(Rachard Johnson) // USD, Fifty-50

Alley Oop Topsoul to FakieRachard drinking heavily in a UK Pub during the mighty blighty England tourRachard slaving away at the computerTopsoul to a big dropRachard

라차드 존슨(Rachard Johnson) // USD, Fifty-50

Backside Royale on a long rail360 topsoulCess Slide down drop ledgeLaunch to topside SoyalePlaying in the sprinklers