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님(Nimh) Skate Company - 7 days in California Tour 2008

The Nimh "7 Days in California" Tour took place from August 10th to the 16th.The tour consisted of ten people, two cars, two video cameras, a photo camera and laptop. Daily updates were made at rat-...

아담 브라이얼리(Adam Brierley) - 360 Topsoul to fakie // 님(NIMH)

Adam Brierley - 360 Topsoul to fakie

님(Nimh) tour 2008

Revolution Team Rider Joey Chase - NIMH Cali Tour August 10-17thanother "revolution team rider"는 제레미 스파이라??Adam Brierley (nimh tour 2008)Brian Shima (nimh tour 2008)Montre Livingston - Fat 540 over ...