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아론 파인버그(Aaron Feinberg) – Best Trick at Barn Burner 2010 // USD 클래식 드론(Classic Throne)

Aaron Feinberg – Best Trick at Barn Burner 2010Aaron Feinberg - Alleyoop topside pornstar to fakie -Photo: Logun MitchellAaron Feinberg - Truespin soul - Photo: Chris WedmanAaron Feinberg - Backside...

오스틴 패즈(Austin Paz), Julian Bah // 대인배 PZA, 세계속의 LG -_-a

Austin PazPortraitJulian Bah540 over Fence롤러블레이드(Rollerblade) DT5* 서(Seo)씨 만세 -ㅁ-)/Demetrios George그래! 너의 얼짱 각도는 이 각도로구나!!Damien Wilson샤도(Xsjado) 베이직(Basic)Chris Farmer4x4 57/92

드미트리오스 조지(Demetrios George), 오스틴 패즈(Austin Paz) // 대인배 PZA

Demetrios GeorgeTTS 360 OutAustin PazAO TopsoulAustin PazCross Grab 180Austin PazTea KettleAustin PazHippie Clinch over the Pole

USD 레거시(Legacy) 드미트리오스 조지(Demetrios George)

USD legacy Demetrios George now available worldwide!Including the Sifika Monowrap liner, kizer suspension frames, sifika shockabsorber, kizer bearigns and Uc prowheels.Best looking legacy skate to d...

미소가 아름다운 청년 // 드미트리오스 조지(Demetrios George)

드미트리오스 조지(Demetrios George)여친이 없어서 롤링만 했더니 어느덧 지금의 위치에 올랐.... 을리가 -,-;;;;;*** 드미트리횽이 버클을 대충 채우고 타는 걸로 아는데, 끈도 저렇게... 걍 걸쳐만 놓고 타는 건가... ㄷㄷslamm jamm src tour* 오늘의 교훈 : 아무도 안 볼 때는 대박 트릭을 아껴두자!

언더커버(Undercover) 드미트리오스 조지(Demetrios George) 휠 (58mm/90A)

Strobist: One hand held Canon Speedlite 430ez fired over the wheel, triggered by poverty wizards. I held the Speedlite in a way that the light would not fall directly onto the wheel and make it shin...

드미트리오스 조지(Demetrios George) Be-Mag 표지 사진 // 드미트리오스 죠지, USD 레거시(Legacy)

Demetrios is definately on a roll right now with 2 cover shots this month!! We just got our copies of The Conference mags and we are juiced as heck, they look so damn good, Conference is on form!! O...

USD UFS 드론(Throne) 에보(Evo) 09, 레거시(Legacy) 드미트리오스(Demetrios)

Just wante​d to tell you all a littl​e about​ my pro skate​.​ It’s a Legac​y model​ that’​s been refin​ed.​ A few small​ chang​es to make a big diffe​rence​.​ The skate​ has been clean​ed up a littl...

Not A Lifeboat

Not A LifeboatA video by Billy Kostka and Luke Bender.Jeremy GallegosSean CullenJC RoweColin CarrDemetrios GeorgeJeremy SpiraMatt LudaBrett WellsMike RadebaughTravis SteenslidYuri ZupancicNick Rothe...

언더커버(UC; Undercover) new prowheels 08

UC's new PRO wheels are made by the greatest wheel supplier in the wheel industry, the leaders in the field thanks to their history in creating the fastest and longest lasting wheels. Made in the US...
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